Holy Spirit Celebrates Earth Week

Holy Spirit will be celebrating Earth week from April 16th – April 21st. There will be a number of school-wide and division-wide events happening throughout the week to bring light a variety of initiatives to help save our planet.

Boomerang and Litterless lunch all week– All students are asked to use reusable containers and bring home all disposable food, for example, apple cores, banana peels, orange peels, and other leftovers. Boomerang lunches also require students to bring home all wrapping from packaged snacks.
Environmental Bingo-classes are asked to select environmental words and listen for words each morning.
Green Day– Students wear a t-shirt that is green or has an environmental message on Friday, April 20, 2017.
Earth mural – All students in the school will place their handprint on an Earth poster. Photographs of events from throughout the week will be placed on the mural to display for the school community.

Kindergarten/Primary classes:
Recycling scavenger hunt. Each class will walk around the school searching for pictures of items to recycle  (15 in total) and discuss which bin they should go into.
Mystic Drum presentation – Friday April 20.

Junior classes:
Bilingual Recycling Trivia – during French classes.
Nature Bathing– classes are encouraged to spend time enjoying the outdoors on a nature walk

Intermediate classes:
Yard clean-up – grade 7 & 8 students will use equipment provided by the school to safely clean the school yard.
Nature Bathing – classes will be encouraged to spend time enjoying the outdoors on a nature walk.

Please follow our Earth week activities on twitter @GreenTeamHST