Month: March 2019

Virtue Assembly

On Friday, we celebrated students who received virtue awards for Wisdom and Perseverance.  We began with a prayer, sang a song, and celebrated the students.  We learned that living a life of wisdom is important as it makes learning useful; helps us make good decisions and brings us closer to God as it teaches us right from wrong. Also, we reviewed the meaning of perseverance ... Continue reading "Virtue Assembly"

Baba Williams – interactive African presentation

Today we enjoyed a fantastic interactive workshop. The sounds of African drums and percussion instruments rang through our school today as Mr. Baba Williams came to teach all students from JK to Grade 8 about African Drumming. He performed a concert in the gymnasium and then all students participated in an interactive workshop.  Staff and students learned how to drum and  sing various songs in ... Continue reading "Baba Williams – interactive African presentation"

Virtue Morning

We had a fabulous learning experience today with all our students and staff participating in our Virtue Morning.  All students gathered in the gym, reviewed the four virtues and sang chants in their Virtue houses.  Then they began their first activity.  Today’s activities centred around Carol McCloud’s book entitled, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today”.

One activity had the students listening this story, ... Continue reading "Virtue Morning"

Ash Wednesday Liturgy

Today Father John came to lead us in our spiritual growth as we learned about the meaning of Lent.  We listened to various readings read by our intermediate students and listened to the gospel.

Father John explained that this was the time where we could make some changes.  Lent was not just about giving up things like candy.  It was about doing something ... Continue reading "Ash Wednesday Liturgy"

Ash Wednesday

Lord our God, We ask you to bless these ashes, Symbol of our desire, To turn away from sin, And to follow Jesus your Son.

May your Holy Spirit give us the strength, To pray, do good works and make sacrifices.

This holy season of Lent, As we joyfully wait to meet Jesus, Risen from the dead at Easter. ... Continue reading ""