Baba Williams – interactive African presentation

Today we enjoyed a fantastic interactive workshop. The sounds of African drums and percussion instruments rang through our school today as Mr. Baba Williams came to teach all students from JK to Grade 8 about African Drumming. He performed a concert in the gymnasium and then all students participated in an interactive workshop.  Staff and students learned how to drum and  sing various songs in a different language. Mr. Williams taught us all about the importance of being inclusive and performing random acts of kindness.

This theme also blended nicely with our Virtue morning where students learned how important it is to be inclusive and spread kindness to all which is what being a bucket filler means. During this amazing workshop, students also learned about African culture. St. John XXIII school came alive with the beautiful sounds of drumming and with the various percussion instruments!

Thanks so much to our fundraising efforts which allows these types of wonderful presenters to visit our school!  These are the memories which children and adults remember for many years!