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A Season For Remembering and Giving Thanks

During this season of change, we count our blessing and give special thought to the many gifts that surround us each day.  Although we celebrate the feast of Thanksgiving but once a year, it is important that we give thanks always for the food we have that sustains our body, the education we receive that feeds our mind and the love that nourishes our soul.  We give thanks for our freedom and for peace that surrounds us each day.  This freedom came at a cost.  So many of our fallen soldiers gave up their lives so that we may experience peace in ours.  We pray for them and their families that they too experience peace in the knowledge that their sacrifices will forever be remembered.  On November 9th, please join us for our Remembrance Day Liturgy, at 10:45 in our school gym.

As well please see the flyer below from our parish Blessed Frederic Ozanam, inviting you to a special Community  Mass on All Souls Day.