Winter Weather Reminders

Only in cold weather conditions of –16ºC or colder will children remain indoors (or discretion of office).  Outside recess breaks are essential for children and contribute to both responsive minds and healthy physical activity.  In order to ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather, please consider the following:


WEAR multiple layers of light, loose-fitting clothes 

 WEAR outerwear that is waterproof

 WEAR mittens or gloves

 WEAR a warm hat with ear protection to prevent heat loss

 WEAR slip-resistant, insulated footwear

 WEAR a scarf or face mask while playing in cold wind


5 Helpful Tips on Inclement Weather Days:                                                       

When an Inclement Weather Day has been declared, an email will be sent        to you from the school with the following information and reminders:

  1. All transportation to and from school has been cancelled for today.
  2. The school will be open, however due to the severe road conditions, your child may be combined with another class.
  3. All hot lunches are cancelled, please ensure your child has a lunch and snacks.
  4. If you are dropping your child off to school, please plan on being at school promptly for 3:30 pm dismissal.
  5. If your child is not attending school, please input their absence in the Safe Arrival system by calling 1-855-856-7862 or online at before the start of the school day.