School Begins Sep 3 – Light of Christ Welcomes Back all Students, Staff and Parents!

We are eager to begin another memorable school year with staff, students and families where students are supported to reach their full potential in a Christ-centered, safe, caring learning environment.  We are pleased to welcome all new families and staff to our Light of Christ school community.

On the first day of school, Tuesday, September 3, 2019, we are asking the students to proceed to the following areas indicated below, where they will find Class Lists for each grade written on chart paper and taped to the school wall.

We ask students to find their name written on the appropriate class list and line up accordingly in your assigned class- please follow teacher direction. We will have support staff who will have copies of class lists with them so please feel free to approach them and find out which class your child is in.

We ask that parents make space for all to view the class lists so that all parents can assist their child in finding their names on the class lists. It can get quite crowded and difficult for the students and teachers to find one another. Please be considerate of this.

FDK:  Proceed to the Kindergarten Yard (Pen Area)

Grade 1–3:   Proceed to the Primary pavement located on the north end of school

Grade 4-6:   Proceed to the Junior pavement located by the soccer field

Grade 7–8:  Proceed to Intermediate classrooms upstairs


Inclement Routine:

In the event of RAIN, please proceed to the following areas:

  • FDK:  Kindergarten Wing/Hallway: Rooms 156, 161
  • Grade 1-Library
  • Grade 2-6: Gymnasium: We will have additional Staff and NON-Classroom teachers who will be able to assist our students to their appropriate class and teacher.  The teachers will have their class lists recorded on chart paper-Parents can escort their child to the gymnasium but please make your way out the front door once you have assisted your child to the gym.
  • Grade 7-8: Students; please make your way upstairs to the Intermediate Hallway
  • Busing: Please communicate to your child’s teacher if you are picking up your child at 3:30pm for the first day of school.  Please ensure you go to and check the information for accuracy.  Please contact the bus company directly to make changes. 

Driveway Safety:

Just a reminder to all that the bus loop is strictly reserved for buses and emergency vehicles.  The bus lane is closed to all traffic except school buses. At no time should cars be parked in the student drop off area of the loop.  Let’s work together to make the Bus Loop, effective and safe for all.

SCENT FREE:  Please note that Light of Christ continues to be  a Scent Free school.

Anaphylaxis/Asthma/Diabetes: A reminder that we are nut free.  Please ensure lunches and snacks do not contain nuts.  As well, please contact the office and provide them with the necessary documentation and /or medication, epi- pens/puffers etc as needed.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Mr. Di Marco