Catholic School Council

Mission Statement

As a Christ centered Catholic School Council, our mission is to improve and enrich our children’s learning in a safe and positive environment through a strong partnership with school, home and church.

Guiding Principles:

  • To enrich our children’s learning
  • To support the health, nutrition and safety of our children
  • To provide support to parents and students through education
  • To encourage Catholicism
  • To strengthen and develop the Catholic School Council by providing orientation, information, support and clarification on the role of council to new council members

Fundraising Priorities 2017-2018

To provide on-going educational and financial support to the school that will align with our guiding principles.

  • 35% of the funds raised this year will support continued improvements to our Library Learning Commons (ex., new tables, chairs, stools, technology enhancements, maker space materials)
  • 35% of the funds raised this year will support school yard enhancements (ex., installation of 3 additional basketball nets, improvements to our de-paved zone, removal of tether-ball poles)
  • 30% of the funds raised will support other initiatives (ex., Scientist in the School, Graduation, Artist in the School, Food for Learning Program, Classroom consumable materials).

Council Members

Chair Tammy Orlando
  • Jovita Scieranski
  • Eugenia Molina
Secretary Cristina Beninato
Principal Travis MacDonald
Parent Representative(s)
  • Sabrina Augurusa
  • Stef Cipollone
  • Sheri-Lynne Ljucovic
  • Amy Brubacher
  • Charlotte Crosgrey
  • Rina Mangiardi
  • Rosalba Di Caro
  • Sarah Nicholl
  • Joyce Mikrogianniakis
  • Claudia Rulli
Teacher Representative(s) Antonella Pellegrino
Non-Teacher Representatives(s)
  • Adrienne Fortino
  • Danielle Cutajar
Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education Representative: Marian Arai