Mental Health and Addiction Strategy

a healthy mind means a healthy life

The York Catholic District School Board is strongly committed to promoting Mental Well-Being in all our students.

Mental Health Mission

The York Catholic District School Board creates teaching and learning environments that promote positive mental health for everyone. We do so through a holistic, inclusive approach, where all feel a sense of belonging to a safe and caring school community. Our students realize their God-given potential as resilient and collaborative citizens, filled with faith, hope and compassion.

Mental Health Vision

Our focus will be on building, enhancing and sustaining capacity at all levels across the Board – to support our staff to be caring, empathetic adults whose vocation it is to be in service to all students.

Strategic Commitments

Our strategy will enable early identification, timely and personalized response to students’ needs as well as mental health promotion, prevention, intervention and postvention strategies.

Building mental health awareness, literacy, and expertise and addressing the challenge of stigma are key priorities. Emphasis is on the alignment of existing resources and strengthening community partnerships through collaborative communication, respect for confidentiality and the promotion of a shared language.

Slogan created by Amin M., student at Our Lady Queen of the World CA.