Program Reviews in the Context of Our Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan

Our Multi Year Strategic Plan includes Mission and Vision statements and identifies Core Values and Strategic Commitments.

It sets priorities, provides direction, and calls for program reviews to position York Catholic District School Board for continued success as one of the top-performing school boards in Ontario. Program reviews are conducted to ensure that our assets and resources are allocated and aligned to achieve the best possible outcomes for our Catholic school communities.

Program Reviews

Program reviews provide the lens through which we assess alignment, coherence and impact.

Our students have a wide range of needs, interests, abilities, hopes and dreams. They need access to innovative programs that help them discover and develop their God-given gifts. Within strict budgetary parameters, we provide a wide range of programs and supports from K-12 that foster hope for a promising future and develop students’ confidence and competence to make successful transitions from grade-to-grade and to life after high school.

In pursuit of our Mission and to realize the Vision we have for our students, we have an obligation and duty to allocate system resources and assets effectively and efficiently. We must also take great care to ensure that our programs and supports are rooted in our Core Values and that they reflect our Strategic Commitments. Program reviews provide the lens through which we assess alignment, coherence, and impact. The fundamental question that frames all reviews – from which all other questions flow – is as follows:

To what extent does this program (or support) help us achieve our Mission and realize the Vision we have for our students?