Year: 2018

Recess Safety

We encourage all students to experience their recess outdoor breaks in an enjoyable and safe manner. We would like to remind students that there are four very important rules to follow in the school yard:

NO CONTACT RULE: Students are not allowed to play any games or be involved in any activities that involve physical contact. They must keep their hands and feet ... Continue reading "Recess Safety"

Preparing for the Changing Weather

Please keep in mind that students go outdoor for recesses, two 15 minute and one 40 minute break,  unless there is a severe weather warning.  The procedures in Policy 221, Extreme Weather, requires Catholic School Councils to determine the extreme cold temperature, with wind chill at the beginning of each  school year.  The OLA  Catholic School Council has agreed upon –18C for this school year. ... Continue reading "Preparing for the Changing Weather"

Fundraising Update

Each year we appeal to the generosity of our community during our annual fundraiser to help us purchase technology and program enhancements.  And each year we direct the money generated to a variety of program enhancements (e.g. bullying prevention & intervention presentation, author visits, sacrament keepsakes, Grade 8 Graduation, classroom enhancements, etc.) as well as technology (e.g. chromebooks, ipads, etc.).  Indeed, our investments in technology ... Continue reading "Fundraising Update"

STEM Lunch Program – Jan.-March 2019

We are excited to announce the return of our exciting lunchtime programs in partnership with STEM MINDS!  STEAM Explorers is for grades 1-6 and will be running Thursdays at lunch starting January 17. In this program, students will have the opportunity to discover everything the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math have to offer! From building exciting hands-on projects to exploring the latest and

Intermediate All Star Volleyball Teams

 The Intermediate girls’ and boys’ volleyball tryouts started at the beginning of October and the teams have been training ever since.  Thank you to all the girls who tried out and congratulations to the following who successfully made the team:  Adriana G., Isabel L., Brianna P., Gabriella C., Bianca S., Mikayla A., Jaiden P., Cara L., Chelsea L., Angelina V., Hailey C.  The girls are  ... Continue reading "Intermediate All Star Volleyball Teams"