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Kindergarteners at Our Lady of the Annunciation make “Hats for the Homeless”

“Hold fast to stars.  Hold fast to the elusive, the intangible, the never-to-be-had.  For stars fall from heaven sometimes, and kings are born in barns, and miracles rise up out of little things.”                                – ANONYMOUS –  Catholic Teacher

In October, Mrs. T. Pianezza began reading stories about the virtue of Compassion to her class of Kindergarteners.  She has always believed that, regardless of ... Continue reading "Kindergarteners at Our Lady of the Annunciation make “Hats for the Homeless”"

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Resolve to move more in your day and your physical, emotional, and mental health will benefit. Your spirit is lifted, blood circulation improves, energy levels increase, your ability to focus on tasks and cope with challenges will improve, and your overall brain function will improve. ParticipACTION offers some fantastic suggestions to help keep those healthy New Year’s resolutions.

Fundraising Update

Each year we appeal to the generosity of our community during our annual fundraiser to help us purchase technology and program enhancements.  And each year we direct the money generated to a variety of program enhancements (e.g. bullying prevention & intervention presentation, author visits, sacrament keepsakes, Grade 8 Graduation, classroom enhancements, etc.) as well as technology (e.g. chromebooks, ipads, etc.).  Indeed, our investments in technology ... Continue reading "Fundraising Update"