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OLH Carnaval February 19-22

Carnaval is in the air again at Our Lady of Hope! Students will be learning about this traditional French Canadian festival in class and a variety of activities and theme days have been planned for the week of February 18 to 22.  Vive le Carnaval! 



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday                     18     Family Day!                       19

Jersey Day!                         ... Continue reading "OLH Carnaval February 19-22"

JiggiJump combines spectacular music with fantasy adventures to inspire children to get physically active! JiggiJump will take your child on a music and movement adventure! JiggiJump’s unique combination of music, movement and imaginative have made it one of the most effective and beloved movement programs ever for young children. JiggiJump is now a daily national television series on CBC and YouTube. Coming to OLH on ... Continue reading ""

Christmas Blessings

Advent Prayer

Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, ever faithfuol to your promises and ever close to your Church; ther earth rejoices in hope of the Saviour’s coming and looks forward with longing to his return at the end of time.

Prepare our hearts and remove the sadness that hinders us from feeling the joy and hope ... Continue reading "Christmas Blessings"

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Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Resolve to move more in your day and your physical, emotional, and mental health will benefit. Your spirit is lifted, blood circulation improves, energy levels increase, your ability to focus on tasks and cope with challenges will improve, and your overall brain function will improve. ParticipACTION offers some fantastic suggestions to help keep those healthy New Year’s resolutions.

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