Pencils 4 Girls’ Education

On Tuesday, May 8th & May 11th the Student Leadership Team are selling hand-made decorated pencils to the students at SJPII to raise money for education in less developed countries. The decorated pencils are priced at $1 or $2 depending on the design.

In less developed Countries, females are often not granted the same educational opportunities as males and are required to stay home to work and support their family. We are so inspired to support them because these females, like us, are the future. It is part of our Catholic values to give everyone the opportunity to be great.

The goal of our fundraising charity is to not only promote the rights of females, but to also grant education for as many girls in developing countries as possible. It is because girls here in Canada are lucky to be given freely the education that they deserve. Why can’t those other girls? In God’s image, we are all equal, why can we not be equal in each other’s images?

By purchasing pencils, students will not only have a pretty writing utensil to show to their friends and family, but they will be contributed to helping a child across the world to get an education. The money we will raise as a school community will be given to a non-profit organization called Plan International Canada, ‘Because I am A Girl’.


SJPII Student Leadership Committee