Hallowe’en Spook-tacular!

On Wednesday, October 31st, we are having a Hallowe’en Dance Spook-tacular! We anticipate a day of fun and festivities with costumes and cool dance moves! We will be using the event as an opportunity to raise funds for Share Life, a Catholic Charity. We ask each student to bring a toonie to support this important charity.
Parents are welcome to attend the dance to celebrate with us! These are the times for the students to be dancing in the gym.

8:45 -9:45: Kindergarten classes
10:15 – 11:20: Primary classes (Ms. Myers’ grade 1s, Ms. Gilligan’s grade
1/2s, Ms. Ford’s grade 2/3s, and Ms. Chang’s grade 3/4s)
12:40 to 1:50: Junior classes (Ms. Cowley’s grade 4/5s, Ms. Bradica’s
grade 5/6s, Ms. Patten’s grade 6s)

Also, to keep all of the students safe and happy during our Hallowe’en celebration, we ask you to keep the following in mind as you put together costumes for the day:
Culture is NOT Costume: Please refrain from using costumes that represent a cultural group or ethnicity. (e.g. Indigenous, Chinese, Arabic, etc.)
Masks are NOT Permitted: Wearing masks during the school day can compromise the safety of the community. In elementary schools masks can be dangerous at recess.
Weapons as Part of Costumes are NOT permitted: Wearing Replica Weapons presents a possible compromise to the safety and well-being of staff and students. Costume weapons should not be part of your child’s costume for the day.
Please be aware of Appropriateness of Costumes: Costumes that are not appropriate to the moral tone of our Catholic Schools are not permitted.