SAA Greening Committee

Hello SAA families!

The SAA Greening Committee has been working hard to put together a school grounds greening plan to make our school playground more child friendly.  They have put together a concept plan that will transform our playground areas into outdoor classrooms that include interactive play areas for our children…and you, their families.  A lot of work has gone into the plan up until now, and now we need your help.  The project can be executed in stages, but the entire project will cost approximately $90,000, when all is said and done.

We have enlisted the help of the Aviva Community Fund which, to date, has seen 8,180 ideas submitted, have provided $7.5 million in funding, and have supported over 250 projects in Canada. The process is simple.  We have submitted our idea to the Aviva Community Fund, they have approved our idea and now the challenge is to get as many votes as possible so that we enter the finalists round. In order to do this we need your help to promote our idea, and VOTE for it!

  • It’s as easy as clicking on the link below and registering (Registering does not mean you will be contacted by an Aviva broker, it is strictly for voting purposes)
  • Find our idea (St. Agnes of Assisi School Grounds Greening)
  • Vote for our idea (you have a total of 18 votes, and we would hope you use them all for our idea! ?)

Voting closes on October 19th at 5pm