Board Improvement Plan

As Catholics, we are called by Pope Francis to dedicate our spiritual lives to exemplify the Catholic Virtues, attitudes and actions, through Love and Service. Guided by the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations and the Ontario Catholic Curriculum Policy Document for Religious Education, our students learn, grow and seek to transform the world through faith, hope, love and service by: Believing, Celebrating our Faith, Living a Moral Life, Living in Communion, Living in Solidarity and Praying. Woven through all of the expectations for the Catholic learner can be found the framework for 21st century learning and the vision for success in an increasingly globalized world. Together, we celebrate our Catholic faith, strive for academic excellence, dedicate our lives to the service of others, demonstrate and model respect for human dignity and ecological responsibility, and nurture safe and inclusive environments for all.

Historically, the Board Plan to Improve Student Achievement and Well-Being has provided guidance to schools, on the process of improving student learning outcomes and the refinement of school improvement plans, in the context of collaborative Catholic Learning Communities and instructional and transformational leadership. The current plan, the Board Innovation and Improvement Learning Cycle for Student Achievement and Well-Being, continues to build on previous successes and provides direction and resource support in the context of the board’s strategic commitments – Integrating Our Catholic Faith, Continuous Improvement of Student Achievement, Effective Use of Our Resources, and Engaging Our Communities – and the four pillars that support improvements in student achievement and well-being from Kindergarten to Grade 12
Download the Board Improvement Plan (PDF)