Message from the Director of Education

director-educationIt is a privilege to serve as the Director of Education of the York Catholic District School Board, which is consistently one of the top-performing school boards in the province of Ontario.

In York Catholic schools, we continually focus on developing our students into strong, faith-filled, well-rounded citizens, who practice Gospel values in their daily lives. This is achieved, not only through focusing on academic excellence, but also by ensuring that students have opportunities to grow intellectually, physically, spiritually and socially.

The success of York Catholic comes from the strong partnerships that exist between our parents, dedicated staff and educational partners in the wider community.

These partnerships bring together many different people whose singular goal is to help students reach their potential and set them on a path of success. They support student achievement and help to reinforce the importance of creating safe, caring and collaborative environments that allow students to excel.

At the heart of our collective effort, are the 55,000 students who bring their energy, passion and desire to learn to our schools. I am constantly impressed by the quality of leadership, innovation and compassion demonstrated by our students.

This website is designed to provide important information and resources to students, parents, teachers, staff and communities. It reflects our commitment to communicating with all of our partners in Catholic education, in order to build upon the strengths of our system.

God Bless,
Patricia Preston