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Garden Club

Our garden club has been actively working in our gardens preparing them for the new growing season. We have replanted the butterfly garden with native plants that attract butterflies and bees getting. The milkweed in our gardens will help to support our Monarch Butterfly program that we have at St. Anthony which began several years ago with our first WWF grant.

Mental Health Week

5 of our St. Anthony students presented their speeches to the RCMP on Friday, May 5th. Speech topics included important topics such as depression, anxiety, teen suicide, and steps to success.

Remembrance Day

The St. Anthony Remembrance Day Ceremony was held on Friday, November 11th remembering all those that died so that we can live in peace. Thank you to Constable Dequanne and Staff Sargeant Poscente for being a part of our ceremony!

Cross Country

Our Grade 4 team of students won the Area Championship banner for overall first place. Additionally a congratulations to the team members that proceeded to the Board Championships. Congratulations to Matthew D. who was first overall for Boys Grade 4. What an accomplishment!

Butterflies Take Flight

Monarchs Take Flight at St Anthony!

Over several weeks in September and October, St Anthony students served as very special stewards of our environment. Each class, from Kindergarten to grade 8, raised Monarch butterflies in their rooms. They watched and learned as this species-at-risk moved through each of four stages of development from egg to mature butterfly.

Each class then released ... Continue reading "Butterflies Take Flight"