St. Brigid’s EcoAvengers




By: Sydney, Nicole, Calista, Kathlyn

Our topic: A summary of the eco team’s activities this year

When did it happen: It started in September

Where did it happen: It happened at St. Brigid CES

Who will we  interview about it: I will interview Ms. Whiton and the eco team

What Questions will I ask:                                  

Eco teams coaches:


  • Are you happy about how the eco team turned out?


  • What is your favourite event?


  • Should we be more strict  about bringing plastic water bottles?
  • Do you like being the ECO team coach?

Eco teams members:


  • Are you liking the ECO team?


  • What was your favourite thing to do in the ECO team?


  • What did you learn from being in the ECO team?
  • What is your favorite event that the ECO team has done?




Here is what Ms.Whiton said:


  • Yes, I am very proud of everything!


  • My favourite event is nature walks!


  • Yes, we should be more strict!
  • I love being the ECO team coach!




Here is what the ECO team said:


  • Yes, I am liking the ECO team!


  • Parent teacher night crafts!


  • I learn from being in the ECO team was being environmentally friendly!
  • My favourite event was doing the nature walks!





Why is this activity important?: This activity is important because it teaches kids to care about the environment and it brings all the eco team members together!  ECO team helps kids make friends and while at it ECO team is helping to save our Earth!

Thank you for all who participated!