Bus Information


When Transportation Services Department determines that the road conditions make it impossible to operate a bus safely in the morning listen to the following stations for announcements of closures and cancellations:

Radio Stations : 640 AM, 860 AM, 92.5 FM, 89.9 FM, 1010 AM, 1050 AM, 1540 AM, 107.1 FM, 88.5 FM, 590 AM, 98.1 FM, 99.1 FM, 99.9 FM, 680 AM, 104.5 FM, 93.1 FM, 100.7 FM, 97.3 FM,


Also, a bus cancellation message is available at the website www.schoolbuscity.com. It can be found on our internet site and on the board site as well.

Unless the situation is so severe as to require closing the school, the schools will remain open and parents are asked to use their discretion in sending their child to school.

When buses are cancelled in the morning, the buses will not run at the end of the day either and all school activities (trips, hot lunches, etc.) will be cancelled too.

Please remember that drivers will not drop of a Kindergarten or Primary student unless an adult is there to receive them.

Be aware that you must make formal arrangements for your child to regularly take an alternate bus if it is needed for before or after school daycare arrangements. Children will not be allowed to switch buses without this formal arrangement, especially if it is simply to go to a friend’s house.