St. Brendan ECO News

Our ECO Team has been busy here at SBN this year!  Our goal is to help educate students on protecting the environment and running initiatives to keep our school as green as it can be! We thank you for your participation in the events we have been running like Trashless Thursdays, Walk to School Week, and our Marker and Battery Recycling Drive Earth Rangers! We have a few exciting upcoming events in March and April. This year, we are asking for your support at home as we participate in EARTH HOUR, AND DRIVES FOR RECYCLING CELL PHONES, PLASTIC BAG, AND TEXTILES.

March 29-30th–EARTH HOUR

We will be participating in Earth Hour on Friday, March 29th here at SBN, where we will be turning off the lights in the school and using as little electricity as possible.  

We are challenging families to participate in Earth Hour at home on Saturday, March 30th from 8:30pm-9:30pm.  People around the world will be shutting off non-essential electronic devices for 1 hour to do their part to save electricity.   (If this is too late, feel free to participate in Earth Hour at another time on Saturday that works for your family). ***We are asking for families to submit a photo or hand drawn picture of how they participated in Earth Hour at home to be displayed at SBN*** Please send in photos/pictures the week of April 1-5, 2019.

April 1st-30th–RECYCLE MY CELL

We are being challenged to recycle as many OLD wireless devices and accessories as possible from April 1st to April 30th.  We are asking that if you have any OLD cellular devices that you are no longer using, you send them with your child to St. Brendan school for proper recycling.


We are participating in this challenge again this year where we are asking students to collect as many old plastic grocery bags as possible from April 16th-20th. The bags will be collected and sent to a Walmart location where they will be properly recycled and reused.  We know that REUSABLE shopping bags are used by many and encouraged by our ECO team, however, we are aware that many households have LOTS of old plastic bags lying around, so why not send them in to be recycled properly?


This year, we are participating in a NEW initiative where we are challenging families to bring in any old textiles for donation to Cash4Clothes and the school will receive a small cash donation.  Items that can be donated are shoes, boots, clothing, handbags, suitcases, linens, towels, stuffed animals, sports equipment, jackets, and coats.  Please bag your items and they may be dropped off in the front foyer of the school.

Please remember that we have ongoing Marker and Battery Recycling Drives so feel free to drop them off in the foyer anytime!

We thank you for your continued support!  Let’s keep doing our part to help the Earth!

The Gryphons Green ECO Team