Free Throw Competition

Congratulations to Stefania, Stouffville’s grade 6 Free Throw Champion! St. Brendan students competed against each other with students within their age group, and those who executed the highest number of baskets out of their group were selected to move forward to the next round. Those students were:

Grade 4 – Desmond B, Ailish Grade 5 – Anthony S., Juliana H. Grade 6 – ... Continue reading "Free Throw Competition"


October’s Catholic “Super Virtue”-Compassion

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the winners of October’s Catholic Virtue, Compassion. See the list of students below.

Kindergarten: ... Continue reading "October’s Catholic “Super Virtue”-Compassion"

Teacher Grade Students Ms.Idzik/Ms.Garde Kindergarten Anastasia I.,Alessia R.,Charlie C. Ms. Addorisio/Ms.Ferrara Kindergarten Sadie A., Steven P., Chloe Ms. McGinnes/Ms. Del Biondi Kindergarten Michael D., Sophia C., Mia R. Ms. Spataforo/Ms. Brown Kindergarten Hailey F., Marcus

Enriching the Curriculum through Black History and Culture

Students at St. Brendan participated in many activities during Black History Month as can be seen below, but the highlight was the presentation by Por Amor who took us on a trip through Ghana to find a griot. Students had the opportunity to learn about umoja which means unity, a game called oware, kumba which means creativity and so much more ... Continue reading "Enriching the Curriculum through Black History and Culture"