SBN ECO Team Achieves Platinum Status Again!

Our St. Brendan Gryphon Green ECO team has been busy this year!  Last year, we were one of the few schools in the board to achieve a PLATINUM status and we are happy to announce that once again we were awarded a Platinum certified Ontario Eco school for the 2018-2019 school year. Below are some of the activities completed to assist St. Brendan in achieving ... Continue reading "SBN ECO Team Achieves Platinum Status Again!"


Luke 4:18 Students Build Milk Mats

Luke 4:18 students are proud to have woven SIX MATS this year for MILKBAGSUnlimited!  These mats will be distributed in Canada and internationally, providing strong and durable bedding that is moisture-free and UV ray resistant. The students worked in groups to flatten milk bags, cut them into strips (keeping the scraps to stuff pillows), and to loop chains, which were then woven on a loom ... Continue reading "Luke 4:18 Students Build Milk Mats"

April’s “Super” Virtue – Reverence

Congratulations to April’s winners of this month’s Catholic virtue – Reverence. “Have reverence for the Lord your God and worship only him. Be faithful to him and make your promises in his name alone.” Deuteronomy 10:20

See the document below for a list of the winner’s names.