Magic of Disney Concert – Pictures

On Tuesday, April 30th, St. Cecilia’s gymnasium transformed into a Concert Hall as over 80 students put on a show that rocked our socks in the Magic of Disney Music Concert. We would like to congratulate the fine, young musicians, production team, and dedicated, devoted staff  members for making this Concert possible. In addition, we are so appreciative of the contributions of our Catholic School Council and Community as a whole, whose generosity has allowed us to build on the Arts and whose attendance provided our students with a stage to shine on.  The countless hours dedicated to rehearsals, lighting, set up, and performances is a testimony to the educators in this building truly going ‘above and beyond’. We thank Ms. Lister, Mme. Ricciardone-Sturino, and Ms. Vilardo for providing these talented musicians with a stage to shine on. In Disney’s Cinderella, it is stated, “Where there is kindness, there is goodness. Where there is goodness, there is magic”.  We are so proud of the goodness within our community and the imaginative performance that took place on that Tuesday evening. We look forward to the next opportunity to come together as a community  to celebrate the Growth Mindset of all of our children.

For your viewing pleasure, please take a glance at some of the highlights of the event below: