Halloween Dance

On Wednesday, October 31st, students in all grades attended a Halloween Dance in the gym. Parents with children in Grades Kindergarten to 3 were able to attend and by all accounts everyone had a wonderful time. Students were appropriately dressed in fun halloween costumes and were able to see other costumes during the dance. A special thanks goes out to our student DJ Luca S. for doing an excellent job. Music played for each grade was appropriately selected to reflect what students enjoy.

We thank all parents for not sending edible treats with their children to hand out. With so many children suffering with allergies, it is paramount that we be extra careful during fun celebrations like halloween. While students had a wonderful day, they were in a classroom environment that protected those who could otherwise be harmed.

As you can see from the picture below, hours of preparation went into creating costumes that really had a wow factor!

Aidan as the Joker