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Virtue Assembly April 30th @ 9:30am

In April, we celebrate the virtues of respect and reverence. Reverence refers to the proper attitude we should have toward God. Respect is another dimension of reverence. Respect literally means to see the other person with new eyes. In a sense reverence asks us not only to respect one another but also have reverence for the sacred part of one another and God. ... Continue reading "Virtue Assembly April 30th @ 9:30am"

Community Social Justice Day May 9th

Grade 6- 8 Students will participate in a SOCIAL JUSTICE DAY at St. Charles Garnier.

The Opening Ceremonies will begin at 9:15 and the event will conclude at 12:00.

The workshops will focus on many different Social Justice topics. The workshops will have presenters from: 360 Kids, Loft Outreach Program, York Regional Police, Character Community ... Continue reading "Community Social Justice Day May 9th"

FSL Survey for Parents of Students in Grade 7 and Grade 9

All parents/guardians/caregivers of students in grade 7 and grade 9 are invited to share their perceptions about their children’s experiences with French as a Second Language (FSL).

The feedback provided by parents/guardians/caregivers will be used, along with information gathered from students and teachers, to strengthen FSL programming and improve student learning, engagement and achievement.

The FSL Parent Survey will ... Continue reading "FSL Survey for Parents of Students in Grade 7 and Grade 9"

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