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Virtue Assembly May 30th 9:30am

In May, we celebrate the Catholic virtue of responsibility. The Catholic Graduate Expectation that speaks to responsibility defines it as demonstrating behaviour of a caring family member who attends to family, school, parish, and the wider community. We will all work this month to honour and live out the virtue of responsibility.


BAG2SCHOOL Initiative

The Eco Team has organized a clothing collection with Bag2School to raise funds for the school. Bag2School provides free fundraising. Your support will help to raise funds for the school as well as helping the environment by diverting unwanted textiles away from landfill sites. In addition, it will help raise the students’ awareness of the benefits of the 3 “R’s”—Reuse, Recycle and Reduce.

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FSL Survey for Parents of Students in Grade 7 and Grade 9

All parents/guardians/caregivers of students in grade 7 and grade 9 are invited to share their perceptions about their children’s experiences with French as a Second Language (FSL).

The feedback provided by parents/guardians/caregivers will be used, along with information gathered from students and teachers, to strengthen FSL programming and improve student learning, engagement and achievement.

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