Celebrating Black History Month: The Saidat Show

St. Catherine of  CES will celebrate Black History Month with motivational speaker, singer and entertainer Saidat. Saidat is determined to change the world as she delivers a message of positive energy, empowerment, inclusiveness and personal growth to overcome bullying, racism and other ills.  Her energetic presentation is aimed at boosting the self esteem of young people and give them the tools to tackle the pitfalls of life. The Saidat Show is a celebration of diversity that will motivate and empower youth to make a difference and change the world.

We will feature influential Canadians during the announcements, share artwork through Twitter and books will be available in the school Library in honour of Black History Month.  Thank you Ms. Kazalac’s Grade 7 class for your artistic display in the front foyer that highlight many present and historical figures.