On Wednesday May 9th, students from grades four to eight had the pleasure to take part in their first Career Fair, thanks to the many parents who offered to come and speak about their careers.   A big thank you goes out to Mrs. J. Clark, Mrs. M Cortes, Mrs. L. Schaub, Mrs. M. D’Souza Mrs. M. Jazyk, Mrs. U. TuHerman, Mr. V. Kabuga, Mrs. N. lai, Mr. P. Domingue. Mr. P. Pongan, Mrs. M. Calle, Mrs. M Ferry, and Mr. C. Tuason!  We are thankful for this great opportunity and for the highly engaging and informative presentations!

Students learned about a large variety of career paths.  Some of the main skills highlighted almost universally throughout the presentations were Interpersonal skills, Group work, an ability to persevere during difficult times, and a love of learning.