Dear St Elizabeth Community;

It’s that time of year again when we give thanks for all we have and look at those in our communities who are in need of our help. Starting on Tuesday November 20, the Peer Ministers or “Elves” will be visiting the homeroom classes to ask to select a family or organization for this year’s “Christmas Basket Drive”. 

This is also extended to families of St. Elizabeth CHS.

The homeroom class will have 4 options to choose from:

  1. Covenant House (Shelter for Homeless Youth)
  2. Rose of Sharon  (Home for pregnant teens)
  3. Romero House (Home for Refugees – new immigrants)
  4. Angels in Action –  (A Special Family in Vaughan Area)

Be sure to read over the suggested ideas for collection. All baskets are due back to the Chapel with the organizations ornament on it by Monday December 10, so that the baskets can be delivered before the Holidays. No basket or gift certificates will be accepted after this date as it is difficult to deliver the gifts.

May God bless you and your homeroom classes in advance for your generosity of time, money, and energy to help those in need.

Sincerely, Ines Mancuso, Stephen Hull & the Elves