French students inspired by Les Zinspirés
By Alanna Tran

On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, the grade 11 and 12 French students had the fantastic opportunity to take their French learning downtown to see the Ontario-based show, Les Zinspirés. To complement the holiday season, they visited the Toronto Christmas Market after the show for a scrumptious lunch. 

Les Zinspirés consisted of five pieces that were all written by Ontario high school students who won the bi-annual play writing contest. The students were captivated and engrossed by the actors’ moving performances, laughing at every high and empathizing at every low. Les Zinspirés did not fail to present current problems of today’s society. Students took home many morals upon leaving the theatre, such as the importance of reducing plastic waste to save our endangered planet and being conscious of our actions towards others. 

In the afternoon, the students were in touch with the magical spirit of Christmas at the Toronto Christmas Market. The streets were serenaded with Christmas cheer and decorated with all things flashy, red, and green. The students stuffed themselves with delicious, unforgettable dishes like Japanese beef curry, turkey poutine, and sugary waffle cones. In spite of the Canadian cold, everyone had a fantastic time exploring what the famous market has to offer.

The French trip to the Théâtre Français de Toronto and the Christmas Market was an amazing chance for the students to learn French in a different environment and feel the magic of Christmas. Ultimately, it inspired them to continue their rewarding French studies and to reach their goals of becoming fluent francophones!