TOUR OF THE WORLD – by:  Anna Adamis

On Thursday, November 28 and Friday, November 29, the students and staff of St. Elizabeth Catholic High School were in for a treat as International Languages Council kicked off their first Tour of The World event! 

This event consisted of two days of multicultural activities, snacks, and trivia about different countries all around the world. On Thursday, the students were given the amazing opportunity to participate in educational kahoots in the cafeteria, which shared information about three different continents. Prizes were given to the top three winners of each round during all three lunches. This activity truly got the student body excited and energetic to not only learn more about different countries, but to embrace the diversity of cultures within our school community.  

On Friday, the members of International Languages Council came together to devote time towards baking, decorating, and organizing their multicultural booths to share  during all three lunches. During the first lunch, Latin America was represented as Hispanic music was filling the halls, and a variety of delicious treats- such as tacos, empanadas, and taquitos were being eagerly given out!

During B lunch, the student body was taken through a tour of Greece, as classical music was being played while staff and students helped themselves to savoury spanakopitas! Of course, we had to represent our proud nation and kick off our last lunch with Canadian cuisine! What better represents Canada than timbits and maple candies? To add to the excitement, Canada’s home artists were being represented and acknowledged during this lunch, which filled the halls with nothing but positive vibes! 

Our Tour of The World event was a spectacular success and amazing way to kick off the school year! The result of this sensational event united people from all different cultures, allowing our school community to recognize and appreciate those who come from different ethnic backgrounds. The International Languages Council feels strongly that this event truly helped to share and reinforce their message and vision for the council –  It is not where you come from, but where you feel you belong in this world; and there is a place for EVERYONE here at St. Elizabeth Catholic High School.

Photos to follow