By: Anna Adamis 

As the Lenten season approaches, our community here at St. Elizabeth Catholic High School prepares through prayer, liturgies, and spending time with family and friends. However, it is the International Languages Council’s job to celebrate and acknowledge all of the memorable events leading up to Lent that make up the Carnaval season! During the last week of February, our council hosted three days worth of celebrations to encourage school spirit, all while embracing, teaching, and appreciating the importance of French culture!

What better way to kick-off Carnaval than with a little trivia? On Thursday, February 20th, our first day of celebrations consisted of a Carnaval themed homeroom contest! Quizzes with questions about unique traditions from different countries were given out to all the homeroom classes. The class with the most correct answers had the honour of winning a refreshing and delicious prize! The Starbucks in the Promenade made an extremely generous donation to provide a drink for each individual from the winning class!  Additionally, to further embrace and acknowledge French culture, slideshows during all three lunches were being presented inside the cafeteria to inspire and educate the students and staff on all unique and beautiful traditions of Carnaval. 

There is no shortage of learning here at St. Elizabeth, and everyday is an opportunity to learn and appreciate something new!  What better way to learn something new than through a fun game of Kahoot? On our second day of celebrations- February the 24th, kahoots about international carnaval traditions were being played during all lunches! Nothing unites St. Elizabeth more than a passionate group of students eagerly working together to answer questions and win prizes! Speaking of uniting together as one, the International Languages Council proudly raised $972 through a red, blue, and white civvies day! It was not only inspiring to see our community embrace French culture, but more so, inspiring to have raised so much money for the York Region Scrabble Fest for SickKids!       

The International Languages Council couldn’t forget to put their own spin on Mardi Gras! On the last day of celebrations before Ash Wednesday, fresh crepes were sold in front of the cafeteria with fresh berries, creamy ice cream, and sweet toppings! The aroma was just too delicious to avoid as we raised $228 from all crepe sales! All the profits were also donated to the York Region Scrabble Fest for Sick Kids.  

As cultural music roamed the halls, it was hard for a smile not to form on everyone’s face, creating a positive vibe all around the school. Our family here at St. Elizabeth takes pride in our huge passion for school spirit! That being said, what screams school spirit louder than bonhomme? Bonhomme eagerly came to visit our school, and he was almost as excited as the students were to take pictures, dance, and enjoy some delicious treats! To end off the series of Carnaval celebrations, a hockey themed jersey day took place, where students expressed their athletic passions and team spirit! 

 Celebrating Carnaval does not only open up endless opportunities for our school to learn more about French culture, but moreover, allows our community to unite as one big loving family, and embrace the importance of our faith and school spirit. St. Elizabeth is appreciative and pleased to share that a total of $1,200 was raised for the York Region Scrabble Fest for SickKids! The International Languages Council believes strongly that celebrating Carnaval helped to reinforce their vision for the council – there is a place here for everyone here at St. Elizabeth Catholic High School, and it is not our differences that set us apart, but our differences that ultimately bring us together.