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Gen Z never knew the world before the internet. Simply put, their world is connected.

In their world, everything you could ever need, everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about, anyone with expertise in an area of interest is one click away.

Technology, education and community are inseparable. This generation uses technology to find like-minded communities, a space where they are ... Continue reading "WELCOME TO PROJECT FLOW"



TO: Parents and Students

The vivaNext rapid transit project in the Bathurst & Centre area is well underway and , with the arrival of Spring, construction activities are gearing up.  VivaNext rapid transit projects are carefully planned to manage construction and maintain traffic flow as much as possible. As infrastructure projects are quite visible and impactful, attached is a newsletter to keep the ... Continue reading "STAY INFORMED…vivaNext"

vivaNext Rapidway Project Underway in the Bathurst & Centre area

Construction is underway for the vivaNext rapidway project in the Bathurst & Centre area. The rapidway is being built from Centre Street to Yonge Street, via the existing Viva route on Centre and Bathurst Streets, and is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

Stay up-to-date on the latest construction activities, lane closures and overall progress in the area. ... Continue reading "vivaNext Rapidway Project Underway in the Bathurst & Centre area"