Thank-you St. Gregory the Great!

Dear St. Gregory CES Community:

Advent is a time of waiting, a time of hope, a time full of possibility, which will be embodied – incarnated – in Jesus. It is a reminder that God loves us and has promised to be with us. In Jesus Christ, he fulfills his promise.

Advent is a reflective time, inviting us to reassess our lives in preparation for the coming of Jesus. In the busyness of our lives, we are called to make space for the Lord, in prayer, and in service, particularly to those most in need. Know that this Advent, you embraced that hope and possibility. Together as a Faith community: church, home, and school we were able to collect over 3000 pyjamas!You made a difference this Christmas, in the life of a needy child or adult! Your support and generosity are truly appreciated!  The 3000 pjs have been donated to many children and adults in Vaughan and The Greater Toronto area.  We donated pjs to Vaughan Food Bank, St. James Community, St Vincent de Paul Society Community, The Good Shepherd, Sister of Life, Sisters of Charity, 360 Kids and more!As the year draws to a close we give thanks for all its blessings. We give thanks for all we have been able to achieve, together as a community, through the grace of God, and for all those who have touched and enriched our lives.

We pray that your celebration of Christmas will be blessed with the joy and peace of Christ’s coming and that you and your family will take that joy and peace with you into all you do in 2019.

This coming year 2019, let us remember the words from St. Mother Teresa “We should not serve the poor like they were Jesus.  We should serve the poor because they are Jesus”.

Thank you for reaching out to people in need this Christmas!

The Reach Out Committee