Dress Code

The uniform can foster respect for the school community. It is a constant reminder of the ideals and objectives to which those who have come to St. Gregory the Great have committed themselves. Our students wear a UNIFORM! We ask you to please review the components of the school uniform with your child(ren). The uniform is an important part of St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy’s identity and we seek your support in maintaining a proper uniform policy.

When the uniform is worn properly, it provides an attractive, classy mode of dress, giving dignity to our students and enhancing our school image. The uniform also provides the means to quickly identify our students and visitors. It is wonderful to note that the vast majority of students wear their uniform proudly and properly! The school uniform must be worn on all school days of the year. The uniform must be worn to and from school. Appropriate athletic uniforms and athletic shoes are required to be worn in gym class and at athletic events.

Please note:

  • Girls are not to wear makeup to school
  • Please ensure that your child’s name or initials are marked clearly on
    the inside of the uniform
  • No “Heeley” running shoes are allowed in school as they are a safety
    hazard for all students
  • For safety reasons, earrings should not be larger than the size of a nickel

The school uniform may be purchased through:
DGN – Kilters Inc

1500 Bonhill Road
Mississauga, Ontario
M8Z 1K5
Telephone: 905-670-6766
Email: info@dgn-kilters.com
Website: www.dgn-kilters.com

All students must wear:

  1. All black, all white or any combination of white and black shoes. Boots are not to be worn inside the school
  2. Halpern’s charcoal grey dress pants
  3. Girls may also wear Halpern’s navy skorts
  4. Weather permitting, boys may also wear Halpern’s Navy Walking Shorts
  5. Any combination of the following tops with school insignia:
    • white Golf shirt (short or long sleeve)
    • white Turtle neck sweater

In addition, both boys and girls may wear a zip polo sweatshirt on top of the golf shirt or turtle neck sweater.

Gym Uniform:

All students in grades 4 – 8 are required to wear a gym uniform consisting of the following items with school insignia:

  • White T-shirt
  • Shorts
  • Sweat pants

Outdoor Clothing

During the cold weather season parents/guardians are reminded to be certain that children come appropriately dressed for outdoor recess periods. Here are some suggestions:

  • WEAR multiple layers of light, loose-fitting clothes. Outer wear should be waterproof
  • WEAR cold weather clothing that is appropriate for the type of activity
  • WEAR mittens instead of gloves; mittens are warmer.
  • WEAR a warm hat with ear protection to prevent heat loss from the head
  • WEAR woolen socks to protect your ankles and feet
  • WEAR slip-resistant, insulated footwear
  • WEAR a scarf or facemask while working or playing in cold wind

As per Board Policy, only in severe cold weather conditions of –15º C or colder will children remain indoors. Fresh air is a necessary ingredient for a responsive mind, as is exercise between periods of class work. Outside recess breaks are essential for children. An ill child should rest at home and return to school when he or she is feeling better. Many of our students are often getting their pants and socks wet during recesses and need an extra change of clothes. Please ensure that your child brings an extra pair of pants, a top and socks to school in case of a wet or muddy emergency.

Uniform Swap

The Uniform Swap is held during curriculum night in September and during the first Parent/Teacher Interviews in November. Gently used and laundered uniforms in good condition can be brought to school during the first week of September. During the Uniform Swap, your “ld”uniform items can be swapped for something that will be a better fit for your child. Alternatively, a monetary donation can also be made toward a uniform item that you may need. The Parent Council normally directs the proceeds to a local charity.

Many of these items are like new. So whether you are buying the whole uniform or just spare parts, it’s a good idea to visit the Uniform Swap Desk before purchasing new uniform items.