Congratulations to the Intermediate Girls Basketball Team

Congratulations go out to the Intermediate Girls Basketball team on their impressive season. Due to their dedication and hard work the girls managed to win at Divisionals, come second at Areas and go on to represent our area at the Board level championship tournament. The coaches were impressed with their effort and good sportsmanship throughout the season. Team members are Anthi S, Megan M, Rana N, Corrina L, Vanessa L, Mikayla B, Julianna D, Daniella, Lheana G-M, Selena H, Angel L, Frances M, Rania N, Roxanne R, Taleiah N-F, and Emily R. Thank you to coaches: J. McMillian, C. Boushel, K. Mendora, B. Oghojafar and K. Cadore.