Welcome Back to School!

Welcome Back!

Students will receive timetables on their first day of school. Grade 9 students will receive their timetable at the Get Ready for High School Day, Tues. September 3rd. Timetables will be distributed in their homerooms. Grades 10-12 will be given their timetable during Period 1 on their first day, Wed.September 4th.  Students are to report to their Period 1 class. The room number of their period 1 class was provided to students in your June report card package.

Students with any timetable concerns must see Guidance before, after school or during their lunch period. Students who have submitted a course change request will be called down by the Guidance department. Please be patient with timetable requests that are being reviewed and/or processed. Students must remain in the class until confirmed by a new printed timetable provided by guidance.