EQAO Results

Dear Parents / Guardians of Grades 4 and 7 Students,

As you know, your child participated in the province-wide EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office) testing for Grades 3 and 6 students which was conducted last Spring.  Your child’s results on this assessment will be sent home today. A copy is also filed in his/her Ontario Student Record. Please note that your child’s results are confidential and did not affect his or her grade or report card last year.

Your child’s results are indicated on a chart that shows how his or her achievement compares to the provincial standard.  Level 3, which is the provincial standard, identifies a high level of achievement of “The Ontario Curriculum” expectations and corresponds to a B– to a B+, or 70 to 79 percent.

EQAO results represent one source of data about your child’s progress.  You can review how the results compare with your child’s progress in the classroom, identify your child’s strengths or areas that require extra attention, and discuss actions that can help your child improve further.  As a school community, we use school results on EQAO assessments along with other school information to guide our own school improvement initiatives and instructional programs.

You can find a summary of the school’s results, as well as results for the school board and the province on the back page of your child’s Individual Student Report.  When tracking school results, it’s important to look at achievement trends over time rather than focusing on the results of any particular year. It’s also important to consider these results along with contextual information about the school which can be found within our EQAO School Report, which is available at www.eqao.com.  More information about the assessment, including sample tests and examples of student responses at different achievement levels, can be found in the parents’ section of the EQAO’s website for parents of students in Grade 3 and for parents of students in Grade 6.

Yours truly,

Ms. Wright, Principal