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Christmas Post Office Opens December 4th

After a well received Christmas post card design competition, Christmas post office will be opening at St. Jerome on Monday December 4th.  When the post office opens, students will have the opportunity to send friends, siblings, and even teachers Christmas wishes!  Postcards can be purchased daily from the SJE Post Office for 25 cents.  Students are encouraged to spread Christmas joy by purchasing and writing ... Continue reading "Christmas Post Office Opens December 4th"

Respectful Relationships (YCDSB Bully Awareness Week)

By wearing the following colours we can show our commitment to fostering positive interactions and enacting our Gospel values in our daily lives.

Monday we will have Pink day                                                                                            Tuesday we will have TFC day                                                                                       Wednesday we will have Blue day                                                                                  Thursday we will have Purple day.

All of these activities were planned by our amazing Social Justice Committee! ... Continue reading "Respectful Relationships (YCDSB Bully Awareness Week)"