Winter Reminders

All students are expected to go outside for all recesses and lunch breaks.  Students need to dress appropriately for the weather. With the uncertainty of weather, it is advisable that our students have extra socks, mitts and pants when coming to school. Young students should also wear snow pants. Children enjoy playing in the snow and they do get wet.  All students must have a pair of indoor shoes at school that are to be used for indoor wear. We will have outdoor recess unless the combined outdoor and wind-chill temperatures are at minus 20 degrees C or lower, or when the school deems indoor recess appropriate due to other weather or ground conditions. A doctor’s note stating the reason and length of time the child must stay in is required to remain indoors for recess.

In the interest of student/staff safety, the school will not tolerate the making and the throwing of snowballs since this behaviour could result in serious injury. Students who disregard this safety rule will receive a letter that is to be signed by parents. Further occurrences will result in more serious consequences. Parents, please note that on days when school buses are cancelled;  all hot lunches will be cancelled for that day too.

When your child is absent from school for any reason (even inclement weather days), please report your child’s absence on our safe arrival line before 9am.

Safe Arrival Phone: 1-855-856-7862


Thank you to parents for dropping off your children at school after 8:45 am when teacher supervision begins in the yards. Thanks, also, for standing outside the gated yard and other designated areas for parents.