Caring and Sharing – Helping Families In Need

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We had tremendous success from our school community for the caring and sharing program. Over 38 parent helpers and over 30 students from Luke 4:18 came to help for the event. After almost 6 hours of hard work, we ended with the following results:

  1. We received over 500 gift donations from our school community. All the received gift donations will benefit a total of 57 supported family members from 13 families-in-need.
  2.  A total of 415 gift cards, values ranging from $10 to $50, sum up to over
    $8000.00 in total value were received from the generosity of our school
  3. 13 Christmas cards were attached with those gift cards to wish everyone
    a Merry Christmas.

A big thank you to all those who were able to donate and a special thanks to CSC and Ms. Young for organizing this community event. As Ms. Young says, “Thank you for giving our school community an opportunity to put God’s beautiful words in action.”