Caring and Sharing – Helping Families In Need

To all parents,

It is the time of year when our thoughts are turning to Christmas. Each year, since at least 2002, St. Justin, Martyr Catholic School has helped families in need to have a more enjoyable and fulfilling Christmas. This year, our school will be helping 13 such families. Each class will be matched with a family and be responsible for donating gift items, holiday decorations and grocery gift cards to help them create a most memorable Christmas.

Shortly, a letter will be coming home with information about the family which has been matched to your child’s class. That letter will outline which gift we are asking your child to kindly donate for this charitable project. At this time, however, we are requesting some preliminary assistance from parents/guardians/friends in the following areas:

• Volunteers to help with the wrapping of gifts (with assistance from Luke 4:18 members) on December 16, 2019 (Monday) from 10 am to 1:00 pm;
• Donations of Christmas wrapping paper, packing tape and tape. These can be dropped off at the school office at any time between now and December 6, 2019 (Friday);
• Supplying big cardboard boxes with lids or cover, or which can be securely closed with packing tape to transport the gifts to the families. Photocopy paper boxes would be ideal to store the gift for transportation. We suggest the box should be in size of 16″ Length x 11″ Width x 9″ Height. Each class will need 3-4 boxes each; so we can use between 75 and 100 such boxes. If anyone knows of a moving company or business that can donate boxes, arrangements can be made to pick them up.

If you are able to volunteer or can provide boxes please complete the bottom portion of this letter and return it to your child’s teacher by December 6, 2019 (Friday) or email details to

Your past support is greatly appreciated, and any assistance you can provide for this year’s Christmas project is most welcome.

Kirindi Young / For Caring and Sharing Committee

CARING AND SHARING PROGRAM (Please print clearly)

□ I CAN VOLUNTEER (Dec 16 (Monday) 10 am to 1 pm)                       □ I AM ABLE TO PROVIDE BOXES

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