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Shrove Tuesday

Once again this year, many parent volunteers graciously gave their morning to prepare a pancake snack for all our students and staff to commemorate Shrove Tuesday.  A big thank you goes out to our Catholic School Council for funding the initiative, as well as the many volunteers that came together!

Capes 4 Kids

On Monday March 1st, St. Justin, Martyr staff and students participated in Capes 4 Kids in partnership with Holland Bloorview Hospital.  Students were asked to donate a loonie and donations assist children with autism, cerebral palsy, brain injuries, amputation, epilepsy, concussion and other disabilities.  This year we raised $367 for such a great cause!


Winter Reminders

All students are expected to go outside for all recesses and lunch breaks.  Students need to dress appropriately for the weather. With the uncertainty of weather, it is advisable that our students have extra socks, mitts and pants when coming to school. Young students should also wear snow pants. Children enjoy playing in the snow and they do get wet.  All students must have a ... Continue reading "Winter Reminders"

Caring and Sharing at Christmas

During the month of December, our students and their families are gathering “Caring and Sharing” baskets for needy families in  our community.  These baskets of toys, clothing  and gift cards will go a long way to help many families have a more joy-filled  Christmas.  Thanks to all for your generosity and support for this important Christmastime initiative.

caring and sharing ... Continue reading "Caring and Sharing at Christmas"

It’s St. Justin, Martyr Fundraising Time!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Starting Monday November 5th, until Friday November 9th, our Catholic School Council is holding the annual St. Justin, Martyr Fundraiser. Your past TREMENDOUS support has financed classroom technology, enhanced learning experiences, subsidized field trips, sponsored faith-based activities, and so much more! Ask your children about these technological investments and experiences so that you can learn the impact your donation ... Continue reading "It’s St. Justin, Martyr Fundraising Time!"