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Caring and Sharing – Helping Families In Need

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We had tremendous success from our school community for the caring and sharing program. Over 38 parent helpers and over 30 students from Luke 4:18 came to help for the event. After almost 6 hours of hard work, we ended with the following results:

  1. We received over 500 gift donations from our school community. All the received gift
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Winter Reminders

All students are expected to go outside for all recesses and lunch breaks.  Students need to dress appropriately for the weather. With the uncertainty of weather, it is advisable that our students have extra socks, mitts and pants when coming to school. Young students should also wear snow pants. Children enjoy playing in the snow and they do get wet.  All students must have a ... Continue reading "Winter Reminders"


Raising Money for the Terry Fox Foundation

Over the last few weeks, our students have been busy raising money for the Terry Fox Foundation in order to support cancer research.  Our Terry Fox run/walk was held on Friday, September 27, 2019. Thank you to everyone for your generous donations. The St. Justin, Martyr community raised $6,603.90 to date!  For further information about this foundation, please visit: ... Continue reading "Raising Money for the Terry Fox Foundation"