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Celebrating the Sacraments At St. Justin

Our Grade 2 and 7 students were recently treated to a celebration luncheon in honour of their reception of the important sacraments of Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation.  These celebrations were made possible through the fundraising efforts of our Catholic School Council and through the generosity of some of our local businesses.  Thanks to: ... Continue reading "Celebrating the Sacraments At St. Justin"

Mother’s Deli Richard and Ruth’s No frills Domino’s Loblaws Costco For

Oral Communications Finalist

Congratulations to Sarah E. in Grade 8 who recently competed in the board finals for Oral Communications.  Her speech on “Illiteracy” earned her the silver medal.

Congratulations, Sarah!!

A Busy Spring Ahead at St. Justin, Martyr!!

May and June will prove to be very busy months here at St. Justin, Martyr.  We had an amazing Catholic Education Week, that was highlighted by our Arts Cafe, which was held on May 11th.  During the month of May, many of our students will be preparing for Track and Field and of course, during June our Grade 8s will be preparing for their graduation ... Continue reading "A Busy Spring Ahead at St. Justin, Martyr!!"

Jerseys for Humboldt Saskatchewan

On April 12th, the staff and students showed their support and solidarity with the community of Humboldt by wearing jerseys.  Our thoughts and prayers continue for all of those who have been affected by this tragedy.

3 Habits of Resilient Families

We are proud to present Sara Westbrook from Up Power Presentations who will be joining us on the evening of April 12 to discuss the importance of supporting children in making character based choices that develop skills of resilience, confidence and mental well-being.

All parents are invited to join us for this informative evening made possible by an Ontario Ministry of Education “Parent ... Continue reading "3 Habits of Resilient Families"