By order of the Minister of Education, all publicly funded schools in Ontario are closed to students until May 4, 2020, to interrupt the spread of COVID-19. Transportation services, continuing education, permit activities, before and after care programs and daycare are also closed.


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Black History Month

From kindergarten to grade 8, all students reflected on the importance of Black History month, and learned about important events, inventions and people that have changed our lives for the better.

Some of the key words that resonated with everyone are: “We are all children of God” and ” Love Is The Answer”.

Together we can change the world and make ... Continue reading "Black History Month"

Congratulations On Fundraising Over $14200!

On February 11th, St. Mark students listened in great anticipation as the winners to the Chocolate Fundraiser were announced. Congratulations to Mme Toffoli’s class for selling the most chocolate boxes in the school, and for winning a 5lb chocolate bar!

Congratulations to our third prize winners, Scarlett and Bryson, on their Laser Quest party for 10!

Congratulations to our top prize ... Continue reading "Congratulations On Fundraising Over $14200!"

Congratulations On A Successful Winter Walk Day/AST Day

Congratulations on a successful Winter Walk Day and Active School Travel Celebration! On Wednesday February 5th, students walked or took the school bus to school, in an effort to lower our carbon footprint.

We also had a major presentation in the afternoon in the gymnasium, showing the many benefits from walking and the positive correlation between walking/staying active and academic performance. Thank you ... Continue reading "Congratulations On A Successful Winter Walk Day/AST Day"

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