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Super Junior Boys’ Basketball Exhibition Games!

A big thank you goes out to Mme Ryan and Mr. Mullen for organizing and running an amazing night of great basketball games.  On Friday, April 26th, after school, our junior boys’ basketball team competed against the junior boys’ teams from St. Brigid CES and San Lorenzo Ruiz CES in some friendly Exhibition Games.

All students displayed great skills and sportsmanship, and our  ... Continue reading "Super Junior Boys’ Basketball Exhibition Games!"

Congratulations to Our Oral Communication Candidates!

On April 24th, our students from both the junior and intermediate panels showcased their skills to a rapt audience.  From robots to curiosity and miracles, and many more, our students informed and moved  their audience with their passionate speeches.

Congratulations to Junior students: Alexandra, Gabriella, Camimila, Emma, Luca, Angelina, Michelle, Isabella, Selena, Ella, Sarum, and Blanka; Intermediate students: Bridget, Bianca, Chiara, Luca, Hannah, ... Continue reading "Congratulations to Our Oral Communication Candidates!"

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Let’s Get Rolling!

Active School Travel May Newsletter

Celebrate active modes of transportation like cycling and wheeling along with students and teachers across Ontario during Bike to School Week – May 27 to 31, 2019.

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