Lest We Forget…

The Grass of Flanders Field

As the soldiers stepped onto the

Grass, brown and red

They think of where they

Could be instead.

Perhaps at home

With the ones that they love

In the warmth with the

Uncloudy, blue sky above.

Or covered with

Golden warm light

As the sun covers them

Shining quite bright

But instead there is darkness

That takes them away

Down this somber path

This violent way.

But the sad thing is

They made this choice

So you ‘d see others today

So you’d hear my voice.

In footsteps of heroes

These poppies grow,

But they spread to our hearts

Than where they were sowed.

For those brave souls

Never thought to yield

As they stepped on to the grass

of Flanders’ Field,

Bridget M. (Mme Ryan, grade 7)