We are a Nut Safe School!

We have students with potentially life threatening forms of allergic reactions called Anaphylaxis.  If an allergic child comes in contact with even a small quantity of peanuts or other nut products, the child may develop hives, swelling and/or have difficulty breathing.  Immediate action must be taken by administration of an Epi-Pen. If untreated or delayed, these symptoms may become more severe leading to a drop in blood pressure, loss of consciousness, and in some cases, death. 

 We wanted to share this information to make you aware of how severe this condition is and to heighten your awareness of its occurrence in our school.  Parents are advised that as per YCDSB policy 209, no nuts may be included in any food brought into the building. No food is also to be shared because of the risks associated with severe allergies.

 Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in ensuring that all children bring safe snacks to school!