Dress Code

St. Michael Catholic Academy’s uniform is worn with pride!

Available at DGN Kilters

  • crested or non-crested golf shirt – white or navy blue, long or short sleeved
  • crested cardigans, sweatshirts -navy blue
  • kilts, skorts, shorts -navy blue (no shorter than 5cm above the knee)

Available at any clothing store

  • dress shirt/blouse -white only, long or short sleeved
  • turtlenecks -white or navy blue
  • pants -navy blue, cotton
  • socks/leotards –navy blue
  • shoes -dress shoes: black -indoor shoes: navy/white/black or combination of three, non-scuffing soles
  • hair accessories: bands, clips, elastics-white /navy blue
  • gym attire: although not mandatory it is available through DGN Kilters (shorts, etc.,)

Civvies Day

Last Friday of the Month (donation to Catholic charity). Students are invited to wear casual clothing.


As set by the Choir Director.

All Instrumental Bands

As set by the Band Director.

The following items are not part of the school uniform and therefore are not permitted (with the exception of Civvies Day if noted)

  • jeans, t-shirts (exception on Civvies Day)
  • leggings/yoga pants (exception on Civvies Day, student must wear a top that covers thigh area)
  • cargo pants, track pants (exception on Civvies Day)
  • sandals, flip flops, boots (Uggs, work boots), crocs ( not permitted)
  • make-up/jewelry is not encouraged but if worn by intermediate students should be minimal
  • shoulder straps narrower than three fingers, tops that reveal midriff