Halloween Reminders

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we approach Halloween and our school’s annual Halloween Dance-A-Thon on Tuesday, October 31, we would like to share a few reminders around the school’s expectations for this day. Students are welcome and encouraged to wear an appropriate costume as a show of their school spirit. When selecting a costume, students are not to wear a mask  nor carry any weapon replicas (props), as these present safety risks. When choosing a costume, please remind your child to avoid any costume that can be offensive in its theme (representative of some tragic time, stereotype, or mocks any group of people). Costumes should not promote fear and evil, as this can be problematic for our younger students and those with special needs and phobias. Costumes are expected to be consistent with the moral tone of our Catholic school.

With regard to treats, in keeping with our School Allergy Awareness Plan, students are welcome to bring their own nut-free treat, however edible treats will not be shared with other children. Any edible treats sent in to be shared with other children will be set aside and sent back home with the child.

Your understanding and cooperation in this matter is necessary and appreciated.  As always, our students are looking forward to our HALLOWEEN DANCE-A-THON and we hope to have another successful and fun Halloween Day!

Yours in Catholic Education,

R. Gravina, Principal.