Art Club: Mural Completion

We like to recognize and celebrate our Art Club members, lead by Mr. Koci, as they have completed the Mother Mary mural in our school gym. Mr. Koci and our students have been working for months on this beautiful art piece that will live in our school for years to come. In addition to the mural, the Art Club has also completed an amazing birch tree scene on the stage. Amazing talent and commitment to the arts here at St. Mary of the Angels. 

Who We Are:
The St. Mary of the Angels Art Club started in October  2018 and is comprised of the following Grade 7 and 8 students;  Alexa. R, Ella. K, Emma. M, Jessica. L, Sarah. S, Victoria. B, Sofia. C, Vanessa. P, Elena. M, Annabel. K, Alexia. V, Nicholas. L.
Our Goal:
Art Club strives to add to our school mosaic of faith and learning. We worked on SMS Mural in the gym, and Pathway Scene in the backstage from October to December 2018.  Our next projects will continue in the gym, and other parts of the school.


Phenomenal work!