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Win prizes!  Cook more at home and share with #LetsCook30.

This October, York Region Public Health is launching #LetsCook30 – A challenge to cook one or more meals a day for 30 days – It doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast, lunch or supper. By joining you will gain access to a month worth of recipes and online community of support. Not ... Continue reading "#LetsCook30"

Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day is celebrated across Canada every September 30th. YCDSB invites its school communities to celebrate Orange Shirt Day on September 30, 2019, by wearing an orange T-Shirt to raise awareness and honour our Indigenous community.   An Orange Shirt Day prayer will be read system-wide on this day.  Teachers will also review the meaning of orange shirt day with students by utilizing the suggested ... Continue reading "Orange Shirt Day"

Purple Day

The last Wednesday in September, each year, is Rowan’s Law Day.  On Wednesday, September 25, 2019, schools across Ontario are expected to recognize this law by increasing awareness about concussions.  Our school will wear purple in recognition of this day.    Parent information regarding concussions can be found under parent letters.

Hope to see everyone wearing something purple on September 25, 2019. ... Continue reading "Purple Day"

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